The NEXT 2020 Dance World Championship Season is Ready!

Call Everybody,
NEXT 2020 Dance World Championship Season is Ready!
Barcelona Dance Award, in Spain from 9 to 13 April 2020 during Easter Spring Time.
Dance Grand Prix, in Italy from 22 to 26 June 2020 during Summer Time.
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The Dance World Championships for Dance Schools, Companies and Groups from all over.
Events for Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop and each other kind of dance art,
Dance Team Showcases, Workshop Opportunities & International Dance Competitions.

To find out how to qualify, mail the office, so Directors should act right away for next 2020 Year!
Unfortunately, in this year, space has been limited and many groups have failed to register, 
and we hope do not have this kind of problems, for your dance group, next editions!
Info-Program and Fee:
Province / District



International dance benefit festival

9 – 12 July 2020


One city. One dream. One heartbeat.


Girona en Moviment is an annual dance benefit festival celebrated in the heart of Costa Brava. With four days of exciting events for all publics that nurtures the joy of dance and supports the fight against cancer, this is a summer event not to be missed. The festival boasts internationally renowned dancers, teachers and diverse artists who contribute their art with the desire to raise funds for such an important cause, performing in historical sites such as the Plaça Catalunya and the Italian style Municipal Theatre.


  • International dance gala
  • Young choreographer platforms
  • Intensive courses for dance students
  • Workshops for children and adults
  • Street performances and interactive outdoor activities
  • Pre-show informative talks
  • Conferences on dance and health


The dancers and artists involved in Girona en Moviment are gathered from across the world from prestigious companies, such as Stuttgart Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Hamburg Ballet, Zurich Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, and Royal Danish Ballet. Since its beginning, Girona en Moviment has co-produced two original dance productions with live music and has been a showcase of young choreographers, at both local and international levels.


All funds raised are donated directly to the Foundation Oncolliga Girona, a non-profit organisation that provides support and aid for cancer patients and their families. Since 2017, Girona en Moviment has raised over 35.000 € that has been dedicated to the projects of Oncolliga Girona, such as psychology and counselling services, equipment to facilitate care from home, and aesthetic attention services including hair and skin treatments.


Girona en Moviment is also a space for dialogue and solidarity between artists and the public, as well as a meeting point for Catalan and international dancers to collaborate. Girona en Moviment invites us to explore new tastes of dance that transform us as we continue to build a more solidary, creative and peaceful society.

Instagram: @gironaenmoviment

Facebook: Girona en Moviment




International dance benefit festival
Date : 9 – 12 July 2020
Place: Girona/Spain
Information :
Instagram: @gironaenmoviment
Facebook: Girona en Moviment

International dance benefit festival
Date : 9 – 12 July 2020
Place: Girona/Spain
Information :
Instagram: @gironaenmoviment
Facebook: Girona en Moviment



Dear Director, performing opportunities for you.

The Dance Grand Prix present the International Competitions and invite your dance school/groupto compete and performing at the most prestigious “Art Cities Theatres” in Europe.

“Barcelona Dance Award” in Spain from 9 to 13 April 2020 during Easter Spring Time.


“Dance Grand Prix Venice-Florence” in Italy from 22 to 26 June 2020 during Summer Time

.If you need, just in a few days you will receive (free on charges for you!) some advertising materials from us,the brochures and posters of the Dance Grand Prix 2020 Season, reply to this e.mail for request of info.

our info email:

Full Name: ___________________________________________

School/Company Name: ________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________* REQUIRED FIELD

Shipping Address: _____________________________________

City: ____________________ State/Province: _____________

Country: ________________________ZIP/Postal: __________

NB*Please feel free to forward to anyone who might be interested and to share our proposals with your networks and interested colleagues!

Our web site: barcelonadance(.)org*

*replace (.) with .and Copy and Paste the Link into a Browser Address Bar


x unsubscribe from this news send a blank emailto:

from 9 to 13 APRIL 2020:

Headquarters Address  via Rivo Fontanelle n.174 /  47892 Acquaviva (RSM)

Phone / Fax  (0039) 0547 51077      Mobile / Sms (0039) 335 6141846 

Dear Ms. Anah Sari,

Good morning Vanadzor Section CID! 

        Here all the info on BARCELONA DANCE AWARD 2019, in attach the official item and we are at your disposal for any further question in any moment: don’t hesitate to contact us! 

    We are so glad to confirm, with this e.mail, the opportunity to get a priority on registration and to activate the director discount option for a 50% discount, or completely free on the fee, for the group director, when group registered!  

    Application will be closed as soon as it reaches maximum number and the minimum composition per group to participate is 10 people in total (dancers, managers and chaperones). 

            By participating in our events you will dance in Theaters specialized in dance activities, with all the prerequisites for Your artistic success.

        All the Theaters, which will host the contest, have spacious dressing rooms with mirrors, practice rooms and warming up spaces before the performances with dance bars.

        On the acting area there will be professional light and audio systems, support technicians and qualified personnel, curtains, dance carpet, wings, black box, cyclorama backdrops and large spaces for your performances!

        Here all the details regarding dance floor:

– stage totally flat; 

– dimensions = 13 mts (frontage) X 11 mts (depth); 

– 4 wings per side;

– backstage passage side to side;

– Both sides of the stage (right and left) can be used to get in and out;

        We are a Cultural Org. and not a show agency, we plan these event to book the hotels, theatres, transports in the festival location and each other ! and every participant pays  the FEE  to us ! 

        Your  dance group will be welcome in our events  and we will study your dance scenario as soon as your details will be received (usually  the groups will perform in two or three different evening shows). 

        Once your group will decide to participate, we will agree with you all the Artistic Details, such as rehearsal time, dance pieces time length, ettc… 

        We have a “many years experience” to plan WorlDancEvent in Europe with “overseas group participants”:  YOU WILL FIND ALL INFO ABOUT THE FEE OF PARTICIPATION ON THE WEB SITE! 

        Awaiting your news to book the best hotel locations for your group and to plan your  perfect “Dance Scenario” in the theatrical rough draft, please let us know the composition of your group and each other info.

         After your news we will study your hotel rooming list and we will plan the days of your dance performs: you will receive  an exact estimate of the fee of participation (all comprehensive!), the pro forma invoice and the letter of invitation to your possible donors. 

The dates for next BARCELONA DANCE AWARD 2020

will be at EASTERTIME,

from 9 to 13 APRIL, in BARCELONA.

Airports meeting point are BARCELONA EL PRAT (BCN)


Barcelona Dance Award 2020 REGISTRATION: 

Name of participating group.


Street: ____________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________

Zip: _______________________________________________

Telephone: _________________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________

Whatsapp Contact: ___________________________________

The School will participate in the Festival with the following number of people in total:_____

Staff: _____



Director of the participating School

Name: ____________________________________________

Last Name: ________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________

Telephone: ________________________________________

FAX: _____________________________________________


Info for Registration:

1.- The Group Composition (to pass to Spanish Agency for hotel reservation).

Please let us know the composition of your group (how many dancers, chaperones, managers etc…) divided in the rooming list to book for your group into the *** hotel where you will stay during the Festival.

2.- The Trip (to pass to Spanish Agency for transports set up).

Please let us know the air fair dates to for the transport organisation.

Airport meeting point: Barcelona El Prat de Llobregat (BCN).

3.- The Art. Schedule.

Please fill in the Artistic Schedule Form and we will apply your choreographies on the official book.

Art. Schedule (to be filled in the form for each dance piece in Competition):






AGE of DANCERS (average age):


APRIL 9th – thursday

Expected Arrival in Spain, settlement in Hotel (after 1.00 pm).

Theatrical Activities for the dance groups. 

APRIL 10th – friday

08.00 am Breakfast in hotel.

Theatrical activities or free day – according to the group’s theatrical program.

The program will be definitive after the registration. 

APRIL 11th – saturday

08.00 am Breakfast in hotel.

Theatrical activities or free day – according to the group’s theatrical program.

The program will be definitive after the registration. 

APRIL 12th – (Easter Sunday)

08.00 am Breakfast in hotel.

Theatrical activities for the dance groups.

Awarding Ceremony. 

APRIL 13th – monday

08.00 am Breakfast in hotel.


Participation fee in Barcelona Dance Award 2020:
The “fee” is 529 EUR For each person participant

(one free on the fee every 20 participant in a group!)

The participation fee includes:
1- Artistic Participation in BARCELONA DANCE AWARD 2020.
2- Four nights accommodation in three stars Hotel.
3- Full board (3 meals per day) and beverages included: as a Theatre tournée, dinners will be served at the end of the Shows, in restaurants near the Theatre.
4- Assistance of festival managers in the Theatres.
5- Reserved seats on the theatres during the Shows.
6- Transport organisation from BARCELONA or GERONA Airport to Hotel locations.

* to book accommodation on four stars hotel, there will be an additional charge on the fee of 80 eur per person. 

AWARD EUROPE SRL is a CULTURAL ORGANISATION which works in Europe from 1998 to plan Dance Events involving more than 1500 dancers every year.

The dancers involved right now, in all these years, are in total about 30000.

DANCE and THEATRE are the keywords in the wonderful experience of all these years and the guideline for the future will be always the incredible opportunity to compete in the LARGEST DANCE EVENTS in the World within teachers, choreographers, dancers and dance lovers from all over the World! 

What is “Barcelona Dance Award 2020″?

The event in which you will participate is Barcelona Dance Award 2020, a competition that has established itself as the largest and most important amateur dancing event in Europe, divided into different categories which awards the best groups, talents, choreographers and teachers. The commission of international experts, critics and representatives from the prestigious Dance Companies will judge the School and Dance Dep. participants. 

Such an initiative will encourage cultural growth through dance as a universal language and will especially serve to stimulate friendship, solidarity, respect and mutual understanding. Our organisation plans these theatrical events guaranteeing top service, professional management, and proven experience. It will be our responsibility to work with you from the moment you confirm your participation. 

Why Participate?

Our organisation, with offices in Italy and Spain, has worked to prepare the “Barcelona Dance Award 2020” dedicated to dance in all of its expressions, reserved for Schools of Dance, and Institutes.

Everyone can participate in this event, our office in Spain has organised your stay with an attractive program so that, you can dance in the Capital of the “Millenium” European Culture and beyond performing in various theatres, you have the opportunity to visit the splendour of Barcelona and Costa Brava.

What About Last Edition?

Here some data regarding the last edition of the Event, in 2019:

35 dance groups participants,

4 Continents and 15 different Countries represented,

228 dance choreographies in Competition,

17 hours of Dance Competition in

4 Evening Shows,

760 dancers and dance lovers participant,

2 different Theatres,






The CID Panorama of Dance Events
a program of the 
International Dance Council – Conseil International de la Danse
CID, UNESCO,  1 rue Miollis,  FR-75732 Paris 15,  France
tel. +33 1 4568 4953