We invite you to visit our website for further information on registration requirements and practical questions. The full congress schedule and accompanying performance programme will be released on April 26, 2022.


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Dear teachers and performers of classical dance,
we invite you to take part in the global classical dance competition “BALLET DIAMONDS”.
This is a new generation dance competition without borders. A unique project in which anyone from anywhere in the world can take part and where the performers / choreographers / teachers have a unique opportunity to show their work to the whole world. 
The Ballet Diamonds competition is held on a specially created modern video platform – staged by Jefimowa Ballet Production and has no analogues in the dance world.
All of us, professional dancers and amateurs, devote our art to the viewer. That’s why
the winners of the competition are determined exclusively by audience voting.
This is the most honest, transparent and objective vote.
Conditions of the competition:
– all videos are posted simultaneously at a certain time for open voting;
– every person from anywhere in the world, without registering on the site, can see all the contestants and vote – click “Like” under the video.
– after the expiration of the time, voting will simultaneously stop and votes under each video are recorded.
Together we can keep track of our favorites.
The winner is determined in each category.
Ballet Diamonds honors both the performer and their teacher.
Prize fund of the competition:
For performers – a diploma and valuable gifts from our partners and CID, UNESCO.
To the teacher – a letter of gratitude and valuable gifts from our partners and CID, UNESCO.
We are loved and supported by leading dance companies and CID, UNESCO.
Ballet Diamonds for Future Professionals of State Ballet Schools / Colleges and for non-professionals – lovers of classical dance
Applications are accepted from 05 January 2021 to 14 February 2021.
– Style – classical ballet / character dance/folk dance/historical dance
– Voting will take place from February 10, 2021 to March 7, 2021.
– Condition, rules and registration can be found on the website:
 Visit our website, share information with your friends and participate in our competitions as a performer or as a jury member – choose the most talented participants.
and FaceBook
Jefimowa Ballet Production
Ballet Diamonds – online Competition
Kristine Jefimowa
Ballet Diamonds – online Competition
Best wishes,
Jefimowa Ballet Production Team Germany
The Solo Categorie winners will receive a stage costume from the BENEFIS company.
The atelier has been creating costumes for over 20 years and is known all over the world. “Benefis” makes ballet dresses according to individual orders, designers select a drawing. Each dress from “Benefis” is a work of art. All embroidery is handmade. Human warmth and soul are put into each model. And absolute professionalism. The right costume for the performer is an important part of success.The costume plays an important role in creating an image, style of dance, highlighting and emphasizing the performer’s dignity. It is able to transform and exalt. “Jefimowa Ballet Production” has been cooperating with “Benefis” for many years and is happy to give beautiful costumes to talented performers. Our winners will receive a tailor-made suit.

Dear colleagues and ballet fans,
We invite you to take part in the classical ballet competition Ballet Diamonds.
This is a new generation dance art competition without borders and rules. A unique project where anyone from anywhere in the world can take part. 
The “Ballet Diamonds” competition is held on a specially created, modern video platform “Jefimowa Ballet Production” and has no analogues in the world.
Performers, teachers and choreographers have the opportunity to make themselves known to a wide auditory.
The winners of the competition are determined exclusively by audience voting.
Voting will take place from January 10, 2021 – 02.February 2021.
During the entire voting time, any person from anywhere in the world can watch the contestants and vote without special registration.
The winner is determined in each category.
Ballet Diamonds honors a performer as well as their educator.
Prize fund of the competition:
For performers – a diploma and professional costume from the “Benefis” studio.
For a teacher – a letter of gratitude, valuable gifts from our partners.
The conditions of the “Ballet Diamonds” competition for non-professionals – lovers of classical dance are dictated by the peculiarities of our time:
1. Only solo categories for children and adults.
2. The video can be recorded in any room or outdoors.
3. Applications are accepted until December 31, 2020.
5. Style – classical ballet.
6. Music – the repertoire of classical ballet.
Full information and registration
on the site :
We invite you to take part in this worldwide dance festival.
Our main judge is the spectator !!!
The main rules of the competition are talent, aesthetics, creativity!
Best wishes,
Kristine Jefimowa,
artistic director, ballerina, teacher, choreographer,
member of the International Dance Council CID, UNESCO
Jefimowa Ballet Production
Ballet Diamonds – online Competition


Poster_German conference PDF

Artistic Directors Ana Baer and Michelle Bernier,


Opening Friday


Annual Premiere at CU Boulder

Online Sept 25 – Oct 2

Tickets: $10 general, $7 CU students. Available here.

Once again we’ll partner with our friends at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Department of Theatre & Dance to present highlights of the season’s official selections. See below for more info on the associated Artist Chats.


Covid-19/ Quarantine Challenge Selections

Online Sept 25 – Oct 2

Free screening on our website.

You may remember that we issued a call specifically for very short films created while under stay-at-home orders, or while practicing physical distancing. We’re planning to release those films in serial fashion on our social media beginning very soon, then host a FREE online screening of the complete collection. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to catch those releases! See below for more info on the associated Artist Chats.

Next Week’s Live Events


Artist Chat: Staying Creative in Trying Times

Monday, Sept 28, 6pm MST

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 987 3142 2266
Passcode: 916236

Artists of so many kinds are living differently as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this chat, an international panel of Sans Souci’s contributing artists will discuss questions of staying creative right now. What does it mean to be creatively hungry? Has your practice shifted? How? What do you see ‘after’ these times?
Join us for the Zoom chat moderated by Keith Haynes, and featuring:
• “Morning Coffee” director Deny Tri Ardianto (Indonesia)
• “Day 27” director Charli Brissey (USA)
• “Isolations” director Talia Shea Levin and choreographer Maritza Navarro (USA)


Artist Chat: Intersectionality and Identity in Screendance

Wednesday, Sept 30, 9am MST

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 958 2069 2790
Passcode: 916236

An international panel of Sans Souci’s contributing artists will discuss how race, racial justice, and gender and sexual orientation and expression are involved in their work. We’ll ask: How do you think about the bodies you put onscreen in your work? How do you consider an audience’s lenses for viewing your work while making it? What role does screendance in general play in this conversation? How would you change the scene (dance, film, dance film, film festivals, academy, any of the above) in the next 50 years to create a better landscape for all involved?

Join us for the Zoom chat moderated by Cara Hagan, and featuring:
• “Making Men” directors – Antoine Panier & Harold George (Belgium)
• “Jah Intervention” directors Welket Bungué (Portugal) & Daniel Santos (Brazil)
• “TIA: THIS is Africa” director Matthieu Maunier-Rossi (France)


Artist Chat: Bodies in Spaces – where site specificity meets the screen

Thursday, Oct 1, 10am MST

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 950 2761 2717
Passcode: 916236

Sans Souci has a long history of screening dance films created for and with specific, memorable locations, intersecting and overlapping with ‘site-specific’ choreography. We’ll ask an international panel of Sans Souci contributing artists how they moved into this kind of work, and about the process of putting movement in the site (access, choreography, improvisation, and adaptation, and challenges). What concerns about an environment draw an artist to it?

Join us for the Zoom chat, moderated by Heike Salzer, and featuring:
• “Etch” directors Abby Warrilow & Lewis Gourlay (U.K.)
• “The Last Children” director Fu Le (France)
• “Genna” director Thomas Delord (Belgium)
• “Habitat” directors Sheila Garcia & Inés Valderas (Spain)

beginning round table

SSF Staff Chat: New Possibilities for Screendance

Friday Oct 2 at 12 noon

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 914 5557 6471
Passcode: 916236

Members of Sans Souci’s curatorial team will discuss criteria for selection and trends in the field of screendance. We’ll tackle topics like changes to the field since the onset of the pandemic, screendance as a tool for pedagogy, and the well-loved topic of where we stand in the evolution of screendance. Conversation features SSF’s co-Artistic Directors Ana Baer and Michelle Bernier, plus long-time SSF collaborators and curators Rosely Conz and Heike Salzer. Hope to see you there!

With Love,
The SSF Team

Province / District


Tagung at Warburg Haus, Hamburg:

Gardens of Culture

17. / 18. Nov.

Gardens of Culture


We have started a new project for dancers and dance students from all over the world, and it would be great if all the dancers that you know and have contact with could also participate. We simply want to set an example that even now dance gives joy, and that all dancers worldwide are a big family in dance.

Best wishes,
Danza Mundial e.V.



MODERN DANCE reloaded – a hybrid symposium 6.11.21






Registration for 24.International Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart


Registro para a 24.Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart


Die Anmeldung zum 24.Internationalen Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart





We start this year’s 33rd festival edition of euro-scene Leipzig with a real drum roll. The breathtaking opening piece ONE SONG by Belgian star choreographer Miet Warlop celebrates life, community and diversity.

Tuesday, 7 November 2023 at 7.30 pm

Schauspiel Leipzig / Large Stage

Miet Warlop + NT Gent (Belgium): ONE SONG

Before the performance: Opening of the 33rd euro-scene Leipzig with short words of welcome

Afterwards: Reception of the Embassy of Belgium / Representation of Flanders in Germany

This prelude sets the tone for what awaits you. For just as fast-paced and exhilarating as this opening, the festival continues on a total of six days. The programme alternates between dream and reality, conjures up love and empathy as well as virtuosity and ecstasy. Look forward with us to extraordinary and independent artistic signatures as well as important socio-political and much-discussed themes, for example war and peace, colonialism or the connection between capitalism and the climate crisis.

A total of 15 productions, including one world premiere, six German premieres and two co-productions of euro-scene Leipzig, come this year from Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Kosovo, Portugal, Slovenia, Syria and Ukraine.

You can read our program booklet online at the following link and discover it on our website.

Tickets for colleagues are available to you at a reduced price. Please send your ticket requests by e-mail to Maria Bornhorn ( Should you require hotel accommodation (as a self-payer) or further information, you are also welcome to contact Maria Bornhorn.

We look forward to touching theatre moments together!

Sincerely, in the name of the entire festival team,

Christian Watty
Director euro-scene Leipzig
Festival euro-scene Leipzig
7. bis 12. November 2023
Harkortstraße 10 | 04107 Leipzig | Deutschland / Germany
Tel. +49-(0)341-980 02 84 | |

euro-scene Leipzig e.V.

Vorsitzender: Christian Watty

Vereinsregister: VR 7818, Amtsgericht: Leipzig

St.-Nr.: 231/141/03209, Ust-ID: DE237186482

The CID Panorama of Dance Events
a program of the 
International Dance Council – Conseil International de la Danse
CID, UNESCO,  1 rue Miollis,  FR-75732 Paris 15,  France
tel. +33 1 4568 4953