Scrap Love 
a sparkling art- and dance project at Skrotcentralen i Uppsala AB 
SU-EN Butoh Company, guest artist, musicians, and scrap workers creates a sparkling event together at Skrotcentralen i Uppsala.
Live event Aug 29, from 20:00. More info in Swedish: www.suenbutohcompany.net
The performance is recorded and an edited live version is released for Uppsala Kulturnatt September 12 via 
Duration: about 1:20 hours
Choreography and concept: SU-EN
Concept and coordination crane: Robert Alm
SU-EN Butoh Company
Robert Alm och co workers from Skrotcentralen
Guests: Eva Björkman, Johannes Bergmark, Guds Söner
+ extra local participants 
Technical coordinator: Robert Berglund, Centerstage
Music: CocInoX
Video production Reginateatern: Sandra Jorgenby, project leader, Björn Samuelssonoch and Mats Bohlin technician
With support from: Swedish Arts Council, City of Uppsala – Cultural Affairs Board and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee
SU-EN Butoh Company Production office
Haglund Skola, 4
SE – 740 10 Almunge, Sweden
Tel +46 (0) 174  – 242 02

The CID Panorama of Dance Events
a program of the 
International Dance Council – Conseil International de la Danse
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